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21 Nov

Hey Everybody! Just wanted to let everyone know that my website has got a new look! And the blog is now located through the website.  In a couple of days I will be deleting this blog.  Just a heads up so that everybody will still know where to find me 🙂 So go ahead and check out  Its is still under a bit of construction, but there is new stuff too! More pricing information, a contact page and there will be more photos in the galleries.


Friends In The Studio!

14 Oct

The other day I had the opportunity to have two of my friends with me at the studio.  We took a few minutes to take some fun shots together.  Here are just a few of the ones we took… I could put more but I don’t know if they would like that.

This was one of the first shots.  They said to do something fun. So I did. Then they started laughing. I don’t know why…

This is an example of our quick posing skills.  I like it : )

And here is the best one!  Don’t we all just look so beautiful!  I hope you all like the photos!  Sorry that I left you waiting for so long Ray ❤  (Ps- Click the Image to get a larger file to save for Facebook Profile…)

Flying Home

12 Oct

So unfortunately this will be my final post about my Vancouver trip.  My flight home was at 6:00 in the morning.  So as we got up to 40,000 feet I had an excellent view of the sunrise.  The mountains in Vancouver were awesome, but this view was just breath taking.  It is hard to really portray how spectacular it is through the photos.  It was the one thing that made flying bearable.

And here I am over British Columbia, and homeward bound.  I should of got some photos of Prince Edward Island as we were flying over, but I was a little pre-occupied with being terrified over the landing to take any.  I could see almost the entire island, from way up high I could even see where my house would be.  I had an amazing two weeks in Vancouver, but getting home felt really good.


11 Oct

On the eleventh and final and definitely most interesting day in Vancouver my friend and I had a couple of things to check off our lists.  It was a beautiful day to be out and about in the city, we got on a bus and headed to the Cupcakes store.  I was taking some home for my family to enjoy them as well.  Due to a protest going on in downtown Vancouver we were forced off the first bus.  Then we waited for what felt like and hour for another very crowded bus to come along.  And then it felt like we were on that bus for like an hour as well.  We got off the bus and made it to Cupcakes! I picked out my six flavours and we headed to the next stop.  We walked down to the lookout tower so I could pick up a few souvenirs to take home as well. After a few more mishaps with the transit system we found ourselves on the SkyTrain and in the middle of the track and not moving… It was very frustrating when my bus ticket ran out in about 15 minutes and we still had to catch another bus.  After finally getting off the SkyTrain and making it to the last bus stop we are greeted by three police officers and a drug sniffing dog.  For a bit I was pretty terrified, thoughts of getting shot were running through my head.  But everything ended up okay.  We made it back to the apartment and I had a well needed rest.  A trip that was estimated to take and hour and a half ended up taking all morning.

After relaxing for awhile we went to get on another bus, this bus was taking us to a happy place. PLAY LAND!  I didn’t get much photos of the rides due to be scared shitless I forgot to do so. The first ride we ended up on was called “Break Dance” which is very similar to the “Tilt-a-Whirl”.  For our second ride we ended up on the “Corkscrew”, we were in line for about 20 minutes when I realized it went upside down… eek!  We then decided to tackle the famous “Wooden Coaster”, we ended up waiting in that line for probably over an hour. The highest drop of this coaster was 75 feet.  I will never ever ever in my life go on this coaster again…ever.  I seriously thought we were going to fall out of the cart.  I had a bruise and a sore arm the next day from hanging on so tight.  

Forgive me B for putting this up, but I just think it is the best.  We are on the Wooden Coaster and my friend here seems to be having a good time, and me on the other hand… Not so much.

For our next ride we decided to go for something a little more tame. So we opted for the swings, I still managed to scream at one point.

The next ride we ventured onto was called “Crazy Beach Day” which is very similar to the “Freak Out, except it hold a lot more people and almost went upside down.  This ride was probably a bad idea, considering we just finished chowing down fries and onion rings. It was actually pretty fun, when you had your eyes closed and you couldn’t see the ground!

For our final ride we decided to go on the “Log Ride”, this one was by far the best ride!
We tried to really concentrate on smiling so we wouldn’t notice the drop.  And we didn’t end up getting all that wet.  I think the guy in the front got the worst of it.

After our amazingly fun afternoon at PlayLand we headed home for my last night in Vancouver B.C.

If I ever get the chance to go back to visit I definitely will.  It was one of the most memorable trips I have been on.  Thanks B for making it great ❤

North Vancouver

10 Oct

For my tenth day in Vancouver my friend and I decided to have a girls night out.  We got all dressed up an went out for dinner and a movie.  We decided to head over to North Van for the night.  We started off by having dinner at East Side Mario’s, so that we could get our favourite meal (Cheese Cappelletti with bread and salad).

Here we are before we headed out for the night.

East Side Mario’s over looked the water onto downtown Vancouver, here is a photo of the outside of the restaurant.

This is what we got to look at while eating our dinner, absolutely gorgeous.  After our dinner we headed over to the movie theatre and got our tickets for MoneyBall.  It was a fairly good movie.  We were the first in the theatre and it was completely pitch dark.  My second last day in Vancouver was definitely a great day.  I got to see more of the city, and experience even more of the transit system.

Science World and MOV

9 Oct

For the Eighth day in Vancouver I managed to not take any photos that day…So on to day Nine! Our first stop of the day was SCIENCE WORLD! It was a cold and rainy day, but we still had lots of fun.

At Science World they had a whole section dedicated to Dinosaurs! They were pretty cool, you could press buttons to make certain parts of the body move. They even had an area where you could discover dinosaur tracks, just like a real archaeologist!!

This was an air cannon. You hit the bottom of the cannon and the air hits the screen on the other side of the room.

This is just a view from the second floor to the first floor. This is where all the demonstrations were done, we watched ones called “Cold” and “Electricity”.

This is an awesome photo of me trying to get a ball into the red section of the tube by pedalling a bicycle.

Here is an outside view of Science World. If I ever have kids this would be an awesome place to take them.

For the second part of our day we headed to the Museum of Vancouver. They had two exhibits at the museum The Bhangra, and Vancouver History from 1940’s-1970’s.

This Jukebox was actually in working condition. For just 25 cents you could enjoy your favourite tune. We chose to listen to “Tequila”.

This is a view into what an average 1960’s household would look like.

The 1970’s part of the exhibit was real groovy.

On the way back to the apartment I decided to take a photo of the thing that had been following us my entire trip. The Lookout Tower. Everywhere we went we would see the lookout tower, either on the side of a bus, in a photo etc. This wraps up day nine of my Vancouver Vacation!

Granville Island

8 Oct

For my seventh day in Vancouver we headed to Granville Island in the morning.  We grabbed some perogies at the market for some lunch, and sat outside over looking the water.  We ventured into some of the shops and I picked up some souvenirs along the way.  

We had this little guy, plus a few others join us for dinner.

We then headed back to downtown Vancouver to get another few of the mountains.  It was probably the warmest day while I was there.

These photos really don’t do the city or the mountains much justice.  I am so glad I got to experience it, especially with my best friend.

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